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Rectangle Food Container

Rectangle Food Container

B – Series Food Container

Transparent Containers
Black Containers
White Containers

RR – Series Food Container

Container Lids

As we acquire a huge stock of glasses and containers in our factory, we can fulfill orders from 1000 pieces and up (for online order).

We use Polypropylene (PP) to manufacture Cups, Containers, Bowls and Plates.

We have a wide range of sizes available, ranging from 400ml – 1700ml.

For Rectangle Containers you can do custom branding on the lid. You can stick labels on the lids, which would help you to showcase your brand name, logo and other details.

Yes, all our Rectangle Containers are food grade.

These containers are perfect for packing your single serve desserts like brownies, fudge, every day snack for kids, chicken, salads, pasta, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, dry fruits, coolies, cupcakes, snacks, sandwiches or wraps, chocolates, sweets, bakery items, sauces, hummus, jelly and also be used for restaurant take away.

Yes, we ship in countries like….

  • All over Europe
  • North America, central and south America
  • Middle east, Africa
  • Asia and south-east Asia
  • Russia, Australia and New Zealand

Yes, all our containers are freezer and microwave safe.

Sealing: You can do sealing on the container, which would make your container air tight and leak proof.

By using Oxygen Absorbers and Moisture Absorbers, you can increase the shelf life of your food products. Oxygen Absorbers preserves the freshness of your products and prolongs their shelf life

Yes, our containers can be used in minus degrees or in freezer.

No, in rectangular container we do not provide leak proof lid. For having a leak proof experience, you can do sealing on the container, which would make your container air tight and leak proof.

For Custom Products